Where everything has begun:

Norway, fauna

I grew up with the Dolomites, reached with hiking boots and backpack, as inspiration, but words were never enough to tell my emotions.
The whole-Europe InterRail tour in 1993, North Cape - Gibraltar, awakened my curiosity about expeditions in search of details and expressive ways from new points of view.
I held my first reflex camera in my hands in 1998 when going to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. It was an analogical basic SLR with interchangable lenses, which opened amazing horizons for a young nature explorer...
...I have never stopped since then!


Areas of interest:

1. Nature and Wildlife: fauna; flora; landscapes;

2. Events: art; music; theatre;



Suggestions and ideas to enrich your daily life with an image-based pleasure:

a. Fine-art printing on many supports, hard and soft;

b. Objects/games with artistic images;

c. Aesthetic renewal of old furniture with artistic images;


   For any info please contact me --> e-mail: info@colorAZeta.it